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5 Reasons to chose Atlanta Private Lending as your preferred Hard Money Lender

Posted on: February 26th, 2016 by james No Comments

5 Reasons to chose Atlanta Private Lending as your preferred Hard Money Lender

1- Common Sense Underwriting

This goes without saying, but there are a lot of lenders in the market currently acting like hard money lenders, who are really trying to do bank loans with higher rates and fees. We have always prided ourselves on our common sense underwriting and believe this is the most important core component to the hard money lending business.

2- No minimum credit score required

Yes, you read this right. We do not require you to have a 630, 650 or 680 credit score, or higher. This goes back to common sense underwriting. We want to see our clients can repay our loans and have some real estate experience, but we understand that “stuff” happens and sometimes it may hurt your credit … and it could be “stuff” from years ago!

We may want to see your credit, but it’s really only to determine patterns, and make sure nothing is on your credit that could negatively affect the sale of your property when completed.

3- Draw reimbursement – in Atlanta market

Atlanta Private Lending’s goal on the draw process is to turn your request around in 24 hours; not 2-5 days like other lenders. Your request is scheduled immediately with our inspector, and in most cases he will call for the wire release from the site, unless there is reason for concern or changes to the original scope of work.

4- Programs for all types of scenarios

Residential Rehab, New Construction, Purchase, AS IS cash out loans, Rental property, Commercial Bridge Lending and Land loans are all available.

5- Established

Earlier I referenced the fact that a lot of “hard money” lenders have come into the market and may offer 1% lower in fees, 1% lower in rates, but in reality they have lost the ideals that led them to hard money lending. We have 14 years of experience doing “Hard Money” loans, and since we started Atlanta Private Lending in 2008 we have consistently grown as a company, year after year. Through market changes, through competition coming into town saying they will put us out of business with their low rates and fees, we continue to grow and get stronger. This is because we do it right and have a far superior level of customer service. Just because someone offers 1% less in rate doesn’t mean that’s the lender you want to work with. The question you have to ask is “Will that lender be there for you when you need them?” This business is much more than just lending money, many people do that, but most don’t do it the “common sense” way.

At the root of this we have stayed the course and really kept our program the same. What got us here will keep us here, and that is consistency. We will consistently strive to give our clients the best service in town and we hope that we will continue to be your preferred Hard Money Lender.
For more information on our loan programs visit us online at
James Melton
Atlanta Private Lending, LLC
410 Peachtree Parkway
Building 400 Suite 4245
Cumming, GA 30041

5 Reasons to Partner with Hard Money Lenders

Posted on: September 16th, 2012 by james No Comments

Private hard money lenders afford an excellent opportunity for real estate investors to find versatile and affordable real estate loans. Hard money lenders typically have a broad range of general business experience and are knowledgeable about finance and real estate in particular.

In addition, non-traditional private money lenders, while bound by all the laws and regulations that govern traditional real estate loans, also have the flexibility to accept deals that would never pass the loan committee of a bank or other traditional financial institution.

Here are five reasons to choose a hard money lender when looking for a real estate loan:

1. Business Experience
Real estate investment involves a wide variety of techniques and courses of action. Hard money lenders can examine the particulars of a deal and understand its mechanics to make an informed decision. In other words, the deal does not have to fit a mold designed by traditional lenders. Instead, a private money lender can base his decision solely on the merits of the deal.

2. Capital Availability
Similarly, a hard money lender is not constrained by the risk tolerance of a loan committee or by government regulation. If the lender considers that the interest rate justifies the risk, he can make any deal he wants to. This fact is especially important in highly lucrative but unconventional real estate deals. There are literally thousands of private money lenders looking for these types of deals.

3. Flexible Financing
While there are a variety of traditional real estate loans ranging from commercial “balloon” notes to traditional residential mortgages, they are, by and large, fixed in stone when it comes to terms and conditions. Hard money loans, on the other hand, are controlled by far fewer constraints. Hard money loans do require title searches, escrows, and insurance but these items are meant to protect the lender AND the borrower. The financial terms of the deal, however, are completely up to the parties involved.

4. Rapid Response
Hard money lenders are investors who have decided to make their money work for them. Parking their assets in a CD or savings account does not accomplish this goal. As such, they are extremely interested in consummating timely deals. Count on a quick decision at every step of the hard money loan process.

5. Price
As with any other real estate investment, the interest rate is dependent on the risk involved in the deal. Nevertheless, interest rates are comparable to many traditional bank loans especially when upfront bank fees are considered. A borrower may not always get the lowest interest rate, but on a short term deal, hard money lenders may still be the most affordable option.

Source: M. Meyer – Trust Deed Capital

Contact James Melton for more info @ 770-354-1899

Hard Money Loans in Atlanta

Posted on: June 16th, 2012 by james No Comments



We have recently seen a good amount of rehab requests in-town, in areas that you can see great community re-development happening! We are excited to see deals in the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas.

We have chosen to not “redline” or black out any areas, we are open to lending in all areas inside the city at the right numbers.

Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your loan scenarios, no question is a bad question!

James Melton
Atlanta Private Lending