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Great before and after – Murray Hill

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Testimonial – L Jackson

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Testimonial from a valued client :

” Thanks James for filling a niche in the market right now by providing private money to complete my rehab projects. Atlanta Private Lending always does a great job of tailoring a deal to meet my needs. The rates and terms are affordable. The loan process was fast and I was able to secure funding to expand my business. Without a doubt you have helped me to succeed in an ever-changing Atlanta Real Estate Market”

L. Jackson

Before and After of this client’s project funded by Atlanta Private Lending


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Wholesalers in Atlanta get a bad wrap because of a few bad apples. In reality, as a hard money lender, they should be our best friend! Just like hard money, wholesalers get a bad wrap because of a few guys out there who charge way too much. The wholesalers we know, who keep fees reasonable can be a huge help for our clients finding properties.

Right now it is very hard to find good property for investors, this helps them find property and wholesalers to keep selling!

Wholesalers – contact me direct with your properties @ 770-354-1899 or email me.

Investors – If you are interested in finding out who we recommend in the Atlanta area that can help you find property sign up @

or email me directly.

Now is the time to buy! Don’t miss this great chance to buy to flip or buy to hold as a rental property!

James Melton
Atlanta Private Lending
770.354.1899 |

Hard Money Loans in Atlanta

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We have recently seen a good amount of rehab requests in-town, in areas that you can see great community re-development happening! We are excited to see deals in the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas.

We have chosen to not “redline” or black out any areas, we are open to lending in all areas inside the city at the right numbers.

Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your loan scenarios, no question is a bad question!

James Melton
Atlanta Private Lending